QHSE Assurance Management

QHSE Documented Information

  • Documented Information: policies, procedures, guidelines, manuals, forms and reports etc.
  • Informatic support for:
    ○ reporting solutions
    ○ registering solutions
    ○ measurement and monitoring solutions
    ○ statistical analysis

QHSE Regulatory Compliance Assurance

  • Assess regulatory compliance
  • Identify nonconformities and suggest effective corrective actions
  • Achieve and monitor full compliance with all relevant regulatory provisions from designated areas

Specific Project QHSE Plans:

  • Quality Plan
  • Safety Case
  • Report of Major Hazards
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response Plans
  • Contingency Planning

Risk Management

We are specialized in performing QHSE risk assessments using both qualitative and quantitative methods which allow the identification, prioritization and mitigation of hazards, actions and conditions that could lead to unwanted events for your organization.