HSE Supervision Services

Project planning stage HSE aspects:

  • coordinate implementation of provisions
  • develop QHSE plans, setting out the rules applicable specific projects, considering the industrial activities taking place on site
  • prepare documentation appropriate to the project characteristics containing relevant safety and health information to be considered during any subsequent work

Project execution stage HSE aspects:

  • coordinate implementation of the general principles of prevention and safety
  • make any adjustments required to the HSE plan
  • organize cooperation between employers, including successive employers on the same site, in order to protect workers, preventing accidents and occupational health hazards
  • coordinate arrangements to check that the working procedures are being implemented correctly
  • take the steps necessary to ensure that only authorized persons areallowed onto the site

Every HSE Representative is trained and has the capability to combine HSE expertise with relevant industry related experience:
• Incident Reporting and Investigation
 • ALARP demonstration – concept of ALARP (unacceptable risk, tolerability region, acceptable risk)
• Detailed Explosion Hazard Assessment – hazards inherent in oil and gas industry (properties and hazard of gases, properties and hazard of associated products and control measures)
• Hazard & Effect Register – Failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA), reliability analysis
• Hazard Management Philosophy – risk assessment, risk estimation and ranking of risks(HAZOP, HAZID)
• Hazard Area Classification Layout and Section Drawing – Zone 0,1,2
• Hazard Area Report and Schedule
The aim of our professionals is to protect the health and welfare of everyone involved in the project as well as safeguard others who may be exposed to risks from the work activity.
All HSE Representatives possess certificates from the highest Authorities and Regulators within the field.