Driving sustainability in the oil & gas industry

sustainability in the oil & gas industry

In the shifting energy landscape, sustainability remains firmly embedded in the Oil and Gas companies’ strategy, whether through reducing emissions, protecting employee safety or securing new data-driven processes. Far from simply keeping up with regulations, the world’s major oil and gas operators are raising standards by anticipating market needs and investing in tailored solutions.

Bruno Ferreyra, Executive Vice President of Oil & Gas at Bureau Veritas, explains, “If the evolutions of these last months have been able to bring O&G players to optimize their investments, their environmental challenges have remained central”.

Fugitive emissions: a global concern

For oil and gas operations, CO2 and methane are usually the most significant components of Green House Gases (GHG) emissions. Limiting methane emissions is an immediate concern for industry leaders, who are taking a source-by-source approach, improving management of energy/combustion, flaring, venting and fugitive emissions.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change defines fugitive emissions as “emissions [of greenhouse gases] that are not produced intentionally by a stack or vent” and stipulates that they may “include leaks from industrial plants and pipelines ».

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